Live life simply.

There’s much more to than what you really know. Be ready for the inevitable. It’s unexpected… So what? Hello life.

Somehow, if you end up taking a step out of the box it helps–a lot.

Be creative. Be one to step outside boundaries. Don’t take it seriously.


I was completely wrong about those instances where I was selfish. There was a time when I did think that maybe we did not belong together, but this time now I feel everything is so right. I am so relieved to know that you truly care about my well-being and want what’s best for me. I am so lucky to have met someone like you in my lifetime. All these unexpected things that have came about is what keeps me thinking about you constantly and reassuring me that you are so special to me–and I don’t ever want to let you go ❤

Baby, I miss you every day. I love you from all of my heart, mind, body, and soul. You keep me going through this life, and I wouldn’t want anybody else. You are the sweetest, most caring, and of course kind-hearted individual that I am glad to have with me. I pray that we continue to have more memories made together and that everything goes right in a world where all things go wrong. You are my sunshine to my cloudy days, and always keep me happy. Knowing that you do all you can to keep me in a right state of mind just makes my heart skip a beat. I will enjoy everything that we’ve done together, and I am looking forward to a better future.

I love you.

This I promise…

My promise and whole dedication in life is to bring you happiness and joy… Please wait a little longer until I can make it and be able to prove to you my life is, and has always been to leave you as number 1. In this life, we are not together, but we are what is considered fond of each other no matter what,  through the dark, or through the struggles, for better or for worse.


Leave these memories imprinted in your heart, mind, and soul. Understand the importance of being together. Togetherness is what makes the discouraged proven differently. To be able to say you have accomplished something, is way better rather than having said failed. Do what you desire.


Love. Is eternal. Infinite. Neverending. Why would you say you stopped loving the person when the near reminders are what you once had. Just because things are not flowing your way, then reminisce to a time that you recall being happy. If it outweights your expectations of happiness, then it should not be worth it. This life was guaranteed–never easy. Live a full life, they say. No regrets. Keeping these moments in your mind will remind you of once a happy time. The longer bitter you stay, the longer you will think of the situation silly than ever. Think before you speak. These are cliches for a reason, to remind you of the simple pleasures of life, and live with everything that you have gained along the way. When you’re older you will look back to a time when you had prime leisure and the best times you could remember. Always.