Energy Still Lingers

I’ve neglected to complete my daily task of posting a new blog every day, but here I am trying to squeeze in the single ounce of energy I have to update as much as I can in my life.

As of last week, I can say that I am well aware of the infamous saying, “When one door closes, another door opens.”

Opportunities are absolutely everywhere. It’s a matter of ceasing it and choosing how to keep them coming.

I must say, having left a job as a waitress to tutoring kids every day, has probably been the best decision I have made thus far.

I want to continue making the smart decisions and still trying to treat each new day as the new year.


Happy 2013.

Just Say No

Okay.. So I think it’s time for me to completely stop indulging in things that are detrimental to my health. Many people are probably aware of my problem and I’ve never publicly admitted it til now. I’m glad tonight I realized I no longer want to partake in smoking nor drinking anymore. It made me feel really sick to my stomach. On top of that, I need to continue my fresh brand new start.

Must replace exercise and healthier options for me to be overall healthy and happy individual.

Also, I need to rid the feeling of jealousy and overprotecting my pride. Sometimes things are not what they seem and I need to look at it from multiple perspectives. I have me a good man, I know myself that I’m not doing anything wrong so that’s all there is to it. Any given moment something does occur, I’m a self-made prophecy. If anything I am still chasing my dreams and paper–my top priorities right now.

To my future self, I know you may feel frustrated but please understand, patience is the most admirable virtue. Don’t be foolish and expect instant gratification. All the work you out in will be rewarded. In the end, you make what you want your life to be. Never, ever give up!

I know the future is right on the other side, I keep constantly thinking about how I’m going to end up, and these thoughts infatuate me so much, but I need to slow down and take baby steps toward that goal. I want to get married someday, not now, but I need to make smart decisions before I actually commit. It really has hit me though that after a while the world is moving at a fast pace that there can’t quite be enough hours to accomplish so much. So, take stride in doing things with careful actions and you’ll be fine. No need to worry, just free yourself from the troubles for now.

Extra Boost of Energy

Like a Jamba Juice free upgrade, I am running of not much sleep, but a lot of adrenaline for some reason.

Maybe it’s because I accomplished a good portion of my tasks for tonight… Well 2/3. I made study flash cards for studying the menu of the restaurant I am currently a waitress called Amaya Restaurant & Ultra Lounge. I made half of a powerpoint slideshow for my internship at the APCA. And… I kind of ran out of time to clean and organize my room, but no fear! I am going to do the best I can until I sleep. Or maybe I’ll just sleep 😛

This has been a great start to my year, reading upon different articles today about how this year of the snake is supposed to bring propser and smart decisions has motivated me to do my very best in all aspects. I feel somewhat accomplished but not entirely. Until I cross off the most important goals I want to accomplish this year I will definitely feel a greater sense of happiness.

It’s time to do me, and those who doubted me from any situation, I’m showing this to the world that I can prove you sooo wrong. I am not trying to get a big head nor seek compliments, yet I am just reverting back to myself when I could basically do anything I wanted.

Now these responsibilities that I have ominously crept into my life are the things that I will be dealing with in the near future anyways, so there really is no need to fret. I am going to do whatever it takes.

I don’t think anyone could judge me by my to-do list except myself… All I want to do is be happy, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

Ambitions for this year

I want to make this year better than last. Current goals on my mind:

Healthy habits.
Fix car.
School in Spring.

Must be why I am awake at this hour of the morning. For now I will do the best in all I do. Got it, get it, do it.


Hello 2013~


All I can say about this past year was it came with both the most extreme highest and lowest points of my life thus far. Goodbye to 2012, I have learned so much and will continue to be a better person with each passing year.

I hope this new year brings me good fortune and happiness. All I want to strive for is that I will be my best and not let anyone or anything bring me down cause you are only give one life.

It’s time for new goals, to be able to accomplish the things I’ve truly always wanted.

NEW YEAR MOTTO: Got it, get it, do it!

Yesss, I’m feeling such good vibes already from today. Something about a new slate just makes things a lot clearer.

*Quickly one last thing about this new year, it began with the person I most love. I am so glad to have spent the new years with my other half, and I hope for this year to bring us prosperity and happiness as well. I love you babe. ❤