I was born a hustler, ’til I die.

From the very get go, I’ve always lived from under a shell, something that I learned to adapt to. I moved away from my shyness, explored my extroverted side and now I’m moving on a path that guarantees me challenge with great reward. Not sure if there are any individuals like myself nowadays who knows the true value of a dollar, the meaning of imperfection, and the constant criticism that can be shown otherwise.

I’m not even trying to put myself known as the most popular person out there, I am doing this all for ME.

It hurts to know that the ones I love don’t even support me in my decisions in life, yet alone have some sort of idea of what my life has been thus far. It’s like they don’t even know me anymore.

And in part it is my fault. I haven’t kept in contact with them for so long.

But still, having the bond that we had lived together for a great time, they would know by now to learn from mistakes.

Why am I being punished for things that I haven’t even caused?

Why NOT do the things I desire?

I admit, I have made some stupid mistakes in my past, and that’s why they are transformed in the valuable lessons I have learned now. It really sucks that other parents are gladly accepting their child through thick and thin, supporting them in ways I’ve always wished.

Just ’cause I’m a first generation, and I didn’t do what was expected, doesn’t mean I’m in the wrong. Guide me the right way, or how else am I going to learn.

My foot is stuck in the door, I’m not quite through the first one yet. I want to get out of this situation. Trust me. I will find my way. But all I ask is for the support that a family is supposed to give.

So many things have been on my mind recently, and it’s terrifying but at the same time a reality check, to show that I’m not stable as well. Things must change in order for me to move on.

I’ve always been hustling, hard-working, dedicated to my life. The things I want, I will chase after. This life is too short, I cannot express how much I despise those who are given things on a daily basis.

**To my future self: Just Do It. Little by Little Every Day. Continue to prove to those that don’t believe in you that you have the power to override any obstacle in life that is thrown at you. You are a strong individual, you have learned this through many trials–so be better than them. Be a better person than you were this time last year. This is something you hold truly and deeply. Continue to make lists.