Admit it.

The first step to forgiveness is admittance.

I admit it, I like him.

I admit it, I seek to please every one else except myself.

I admit it, I am in complete denial.

I admit it, I am a procrastinator.

I admit it, I neglect a lot more than I really should.

Despite it all, I believe I can do a lot more better than I can at this very moment. The reason why I’m not feeling too satisfied with my progress, is because I HAVE been stuck at where I have been for the previous years. The more I think that I am not moving anywhere, then it will come true.

So, being so “caught up” in this time warp needs to change now. From now on, my motivation must come from within than external sources. I thought this whole time I had everything good… and up to this point, good is not enough! There was a quote that said, my good isn’t better, until my better is best. Something like that, I can’t quite remember.

But these pondering thoughts are making me realize, WHAT do I want to accomplish in life.

I want to be charitable.

I want to be faithful.

I want to be close to perfection.

I want to achieve great things.

I want to be the best I can.

Ridding these bad habits and turning them into new accomplishments.

No more negatives. ALL GOOD FROM NOW ON.