Today, was one not like the other. I grieved over things out of my control, but not only that, out of resentment I have a tendency to push even the closest persons to me away.

Through it all, I manage to keep a smile on my face, with sadness behind my teeth. The intensity of my emotions escalate because of the inner self-conflict in how things are going/not going a specific way.

But even though, this heart of mines still cares, I would suffer endlessly if necessary to be happy once more.

And just like that… He was gone.


The last time I see my honey before he embarks a new pathway in his journey through life. I don’t want to feel regretful about the way I was acting towards him, my instinct is to show how much I love him and despite the curve balls life has thrown at us, I love him more and more every day. My love, my life. I want you to know that I will be here for you, love you unconditionally, and although I may act childish at times, deep down inside you are my shining knight in armor that has rescued me from the darkness which swallows me uncontrollably.  I love and miss you so, please be safe and I will see you soon. I love you Jae.