I have this idea

Been doing some soil searching and trying to find out my passions in life.

It’s a wholw conglomerate of things but I don’t know if I don’t try!!

My love for baked goods and love for food goes beyond anything.

And today, I found some really inspiring articles to build back my strong mentality.

Getting out of control

Sometimes, things get out of hand for me and I unleash some bad emotions onto others.

I need to learn how to control myself first before I know I can take care of anybody.

These aggressive emotions inside of me are tearing me apart, and I only know what’s best for me and need to live in resilience.

I may not be where I want to be, but I know exactly where I stand.

The foolish thoughts are quietly and finally leaving my soul. I am learning to love myself and be open-minded to things I am not always used to.

A part of me remembers the dream I had last night. It was terrifying, sad, and I woke up disgruntled.

However, everything I do is for a purpose. A very good one. With my ambition and persistence, nothing can break me. The only limit I have is the one I impose on myself. I love me, I love me enough for all of us.

Fiest breakthrough at the hospital today. A single step closer to the experience I’ve been looking for.

To my future self: keep the momentum going, you’ll make it, I promise. ♡


Lately, I’ve been showered with compliments from complete strangers. They seriously make my day.

“Wow, you are brave.”
“Has anyone told you that you have perfect complexion?”
“I like your earrings.”
“You got some skill.”
“Muy bonita!”
“I like your hair in a braid.”


Thankful Day #8

1. Waking up in the early morning = increased productivity.
2. Work is work, you can’t half-a** it
3. Feeling silly hiding from the health inspector.
4. Compliments that a girl (me) has a nice sports car AND I can drive stick.
5. Being invited to get-togethers
6. Eating to my heart’s content
7. Working 7 days a week–all day everyday!
8. Crossing off things on my to-do-list
9. Feeling influential in the night
10. The beautiful peering moonlight

Over-Indulging Laziness

So over over-eating, complaining, making excuses, and being just plain lazy !

Time to turn over a new leaf and work towards progress so that I will reap the rewards I truly deserve. I don’t want to place my importance over anybody else except myself alone. I am a queen. I am confident. I am beautiful.

The more I remind myself that I can be the very best version of me, makes me understand all the hardships that most go through and aren’t willing to work for it.

Therefore, future Tiffany: You must be resilient and faithful to yourself. The only way to get there is climb higher than before. Fear is only fear itself, and until you realize that there are no limits to what you can reach, the gifts will be unraveled to you ♡

Thankful Day #7

1. Cleaning my make up brushes

2. Waking up with a smile

3. Working the longest shift ever… But making bank!

4. Good humor and compliments

5. Babies!!!

6. I get to see my family tomorrow.

7. When it’s real, it’s real.

8. Standing my ground

9. Communication

10. Making up with my loved one, and not getting overly emotional. ❤

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