When Anniversaries Don’t Matter

You wake up alone. To spend the day alone. On supposedly a day of celebrating us.

Well, maybe this is how it’s going to be from now on hm?

Some whack a** anniversary.

More BS. Broken promises.


Dark days

Disrespect, coldness, rude, selfish, ego tripping, materialistic.

All of the above and more.

I feel like you treat me like dirt to my face and in front of others completely as if you were nice again.

Can you make up your damn mind?!

Seriously, I cannot put up with your bullsh*t anymore.

Kiniving, manipulating, and terrible at communicating to me. Its as if you always get what you want. Well, fortunately for me, I know exactly what I want. And I want out.

I deserve somebody who treats me better. Makes me feel better. I’m done trying with you. Maybe I just never tried to begin with–knowing your demeanor was just a show and tell.

It makes me sick inside and in my stomach, I know what I have to do in order to live the only life I’m given.

And I am willing to do anything and will NOT let anything stop me.