Mines is all out of whack. I have been quite stressed lately that I don’t know how to give into taking a breather.. It has been a rough week of non-existing sleep, but in addition and rediscoveries about myself. Playing video games has been proved to be a stress reliever and I hope that someday I can achieve greatly most of the things I want to accomplish (: I can’t wait to get started by organizing my things (and throwing out a bunch) so I can have a clear mind in what I do from here on out. I have been patient and I understand it’s going to take more than patience to get where I need to be. As far as the past, I don’t like to be stuck in wandering where things might’ve been slightly different, but more so it’s a reminder of who I’ve become and all the experiences that tested my mettle.. I’ve become the most resilient mofo you’ve ever seen 😤

Life lesson #1

Perception is a skill.

There’s going to be multiple angles in how you approach things.. And sometimes these things don’t seem as you’d like it to be, even though you think “it’s gotta be different this time around”. Most importantly, I need to learn not to get my expectations up over something that does not play a factor in my life. I try so hard to put the pieces of a puzzle together, yet they are meant to be scattered and will be glued and held on if they were meant to fit.

There’s a breeze today

What a good feeling it is to be early to class for once. Lol but not only that I can enjoy my orange juice craving… Fresh, just how I like it. Well, I talked to tiger and it felt so relieving to know where we stood. For the longest time I felt like I was playing a guessing game. I now know I should just go for what I want without holding myself back. After all what’s the worst that could happen?

Anyway… I’m glad in a way things worked out, never done this before but it makes me happy knowing I have hope by my side + a good friend too (: