Solace nights 

Sitting beside a makeshift fireplace (aka my nightstand light), listening to some fine jazz tunes to calm this eventful night.

For the first time, I’m able to appreciate the silence of my thoughts and innermost desires.

The sharpness and illuminated moonlit sidewalks are paved with brisk cold air. Solidarity lurks in the evening only to find: a brand new day will begin in several hours.

These are night thoughts. For the insomniac, for the overthinker, for the paranoid, for the pleasant, for the content, and most importantly for all those that need it.

Amidst the starlit sky, an ounce of hope litters across the galaxy.

Honey, you’d warn me. Tell me how your dad would tell you, “Nothing good ever happens passed midnight.” And now, I understand how it all makes sense and tote 1000% absolutely right. What would I do without you? I miss you. I hope you know that I’m still thinking of you. Every day. Every night. I hope you’re doing okay.