IMAGINE. You have the key to all of the elements of the world. What would you do with them?

That’s what alchemy is ladies and gents. Melancholy, but wait really–just imagine.

There’s a lot much more than that..

It involves a long old tradition of composing the rarest jewels of them all: natural form, state, and being. This could be the mind. Somewhere along your cranium, there’s a window of opportunity, ready to be released into the atmosphere–your mind. All the time. If this is what the universe has to offer then what a trade that must’ve been.

What about those diamonds in the rough, though?

Never mind. Let’s talk about silver.

The metallic steel color, purest of its kind. What else does it have, besides your very own name in the jewelry. Who can guess? Me. There’s nothing more than I know when my most favorite color (Tiffany Blue) brings me a familiar thought and I can smell the memory of a time of absolute¬†f r e s h n e s s . I suppose when things look up, some things also look up and I continue to look up with the hope of seeing an angel in the sky. Those bright nights. The cross of light peering at me through the windows. My calling to see that things are shown through the Moonlight Motivation Mondays–

(cont. 4/23)

It seems as if my mind has its own way of expressing the choppy ideas manifested in there. A little scattered, but nothing I cannot handle. Alchemy is deeply rooted in the fact that people believed to be reason behind the stars and natural substances had