(My) Call of Duty

I can throw as many puns out and make anecdotal references to my life–they are all true after all! So, what’s new in the past couple months of 2018?

First and foremost, I’ve been working 7 days a week. Hustling, depriving myself of sleep, starving my ego with this notion of being busy (as if it’ll help me move forward). I’ve experienced heartbreak, new explorations and rejuvenation all in the past latter part of winter. Now, I find myself trying to chase my memories so I can use that as my foundation to propel in the direction of my goals.

I’m trying to find my interests–what makes me, Me? I always enjoyed gaming, but put that in the back burner because it could never get me a real job. Well guess what? WHY NOT? I recently applied and interviewed for a company that was solely responsible for my childhood and bonding experience with my younger brothers (the one thing we can all actually passionately talk about). The most comfortable thing was that I can imagine myself working there. Being successful is one of my goals in life, but to be in the gaming industry and making a difference and/or impact? IT’S MY CALL OF DUTY (pun intended!). I’m also not placing all my expectations on a single day, it’s an active and conscious effort to even get close to where I want to be.. maybe an entrepreneur some day?

So what else interests me? Apparently I have a knack or good eye for putting floral bouquets together (thanks Pinterest, Ralphs, and Trader Joe’s). No, but really, I suppose I’ve grown accustomed and confidence in my flower arrangement skills that it reflects in my sales and work. What does that say about my next move? Practice selling more. I need sales experience, not only to be successful in my career, but in everything I do–the ability to sell is a skill I must work on.

Speaking of self-knowledge, I am working on some hard skills that will translate in my next move. Whether that’s reading up on the next blockchain book, decluttering my home space so I can practice minimalism and organization, and learning about investing my savings in long term finances. These are things they don’t teach you about in school so I have to create my own curriculum.

I’m also working on my relationships with 1) myself, 2) family and friends, 3) acquaintances. Especially to those who’ve helped me get where I need to be today I’m forever thankful but need to show them they are appreciated.

I’m trying to brand myself here. What can I talk about with fire behind my eyes and conviction enough to convince others that I have a specific niche? I’m not quite there yet, but I’m moving in the right direction for sure.

Keep going and don’t give up Tiff!!! 🙂