It’s difficult to get my thoughts out and I also feel that when I do, it counters my actual feelings–as if the chance to make it known has already passed. Some of the words in my mind go without being acknowledged by the most important to me.. myself. It’s a bit perplexing when I don’t yield the results I want. The toned body I’m aspiring to get, the healthy habits I should be practicing, being able to say no’s without feeling guilty, having a nice dinner or movie night with myself, stop putting myself down when things get tough, and most of all being my biggest hurdle in my journey through life.My greatest vision comes to me when I’m envisioning my success and all the trials I’ve gone through. I want to be a better storyteller, I want to be the character that shines through, I want to be successful and whatever that means I’m going to achieve it.If anyone in my life (past, present, and future) can hear me: I’m here for a reason. I’m confident and brave that whatever situation throws me into a spiral, I’m only going to be stronger than ever before.