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I’ve always been infatuated with discovering the world. My curiosity boils whenever I hear anything related to “geography”, “culture”, “history”, and “food” (of course). Only now am I realizing that I need to be putting more effort into my interests and taking lead of my own life instead of comparing it with others. I tend to daydream and events continue to speed up with each passing year.

I’m over making new year resolutions–it’s time to make resolutions on a daily basis. Stay true to my routine or develop a method to stay on track with my goals personally and professionally. It’s absolutely doable to be capable of more than just what I do daily. I believe that I’m going to be a soon-to-be jetsetter, moto enthusiast, author and successful entrepreneur with a self-sustaining business. This version of myself is the best I can be, nobody else can tell me otherwise. My self-esteem and prowess around people has grown and shown through my experiences. Being able to make the smallest tweaks and take calculated risks show my true intentions about showcasing the best of my ability.

I’ve gone far too long with being hard on myself. Am realizing that the only thing holding me back from doing all the things I’d love to do, is me. I need to embrace and celebrate my wins more, all the while being humble and not boastful. I need to celebrate the little wins because the bigger wins will come along eventually.

To my future self: Trust the process. Continue to be patient. Understand that time will run its course and so will you, wild spirit. ❤

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