The Day Begins and Ends With A Story

Dear honey,

I’m writing to you directly because you appeared vividly in my dreams recently. Your face was much more softened than ever of the times we’ve met before in my subconscious world. It was really nice seeing you again. 🙂

I’m sorry for not writing sooner and as frequently. I feel as if I’ve been retreating further into the hole I originally started digging and found myself changing directions as soon as the seasons changed.

This time around, we were holding hands as we normally would. Although, this time I felt every movement of your fingers interlaced with mines. Your grip was also tight as if you were cradling my hands in your very own. I could feel the ridges of your fingers one-by-one matching mine. I remember the many nights you and I compared our hand sizes, and we would laugh because they matched exactly (and so did our feet size!). You would chuckle at me as if it were a hoax. Deep down though, I think you and I knew we were one in the same– You also made sure I ordered some red snapper and blue tuna sashimi for some reason ^^

My memories are a bit jaded, because the times I remember you is when I actually am at peace. Like utter silence. It’s been too long since I remember having that peace and quiet in my mind and exterior as well.

I no longer pride myself as being a night owl because I hope every night I slumber, I get to see your face one more time. Especially for this time of year, I cannot resist riding down memory lane as close as possible as I can without tainting the actual memory. And so, with that, I’m ready to share that part of me as I’ve been saying for many years now.

For tonight, I want to say how happy I was to see you these past few days. The feeling of warmth, security, and love elated me even though my body went into shock. I’m not quite 100%, but knowing every night I went into a deep sleep. I’d hope to see you again. I know you’re around this time of year, honey. All I want is to continue seeing you smiling as bright as I remember you. I love you forever, and cannot wait to be with you again. ❤